Marine constructions

Fields of application of Geo-MX in the marine construction works.

Onshore or offshore, by creating the projects virtually in 3D, it is possible to get better insight in the various parts and how the project can be realized.

Different analyzes can be performed on the 3D-models such as volumecalculations, charts, profiles, 3D-views.

The 3D-models can be used in exexution stage in the GPS-guided cranes.

fields of application

realizations for various marine, civil and environmental projects

Dredging Works

Analyses for harbours, rivers, canals, deepening works, reclamation works like volume and surface calculations to soil layers, stages or levels.

Dredging disposal areas

Construction of dikes and calculation of capacities.


3D-design of the dikeconstruction with underlayers and transitions.


Ports maintenance and deepening and expansion of ports, new ports, terminal extensions or new terminal.


Small recreation harbours with revetment works and master plans.

Locks / channels

Earthworks and dredging works for construction of locks. Dredging works for access channels.


Volume calculations for beach reclamation dependant of the chosen profile.

georeferenced engineering and intelligent digital terrain modelling for 3D-design