Geo-MX projects

  Nieuwe Sluis Terneuzen, Holland Project
  Borkum Riffgrund 2 Windfarm, Germany (Lifting + rigging drawings) and (drawings - 3D-models - volumes - BIM) Project
  Calais 2015, France (execution follow-up: drawings - 3D-models - as-built) Project
  Bligh bank II Windfarm (Lifting + positioning plans) Project
  The new LNG terminal at Dunkirk, France (3D-models for GPS-guided machines, monthly interim payment application (avant-métrée), construction drawings, optimization of the 3D-design of the revetment works, as-built).
  Cherbourg (3D-models, volumes and execution plans).
  Sewerage system 3D-design for projects in Belgium.
Detailed 3D-designs , quantifications and plan production for marine projects in South-America and Asia.
  Multiple tenders for dredging projects in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, South-America (Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia), Middle East (Dubai-Bahrein), Asia (Singapore) and Africa.
  Environmental dredging projects in the United Kingdom and Belgium).
  Environmental disposal projects Belgium and Cyprus (3D-design-drawings-capacities and areas).
  Brownfields project Belgium (volumes contaminated materials, 3D-design for soil balances).
  Earthworks for buildings in Belgium (3D-design for soil-balances and volume calculations)..

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