Geo-MX is specialised in CAD, MX, C3D and volumecalculations and gives support to projects in tender, design, and execution phase.

Geo-MX creates infrastructure and earthwork projects virtually in 3D using specialised software.

With these tools, detailed analyses are performed like volume calculations, contour and difference charts, profiles, execution plans, 3D-models for GPS guided machines and 3D-views.We work for major contractors and engineering offices for global projects.

The company Geo-MX was launched in 2011.

Specialized in CAD, MXROAD and Civil3D and volume calculations for the civil and marine industry: survey companies, contractors, engineering offices, project development companies, governments…


  Processing of bathymetric, topographic and geotechnical data.
  Production of survey charts and difference charts.
  Maken van situatiFeasibility and conceptual studies.
  Geometric design.
  Design of theoretical 3D-models (for GPS-guided machines, earthworks, roads, railroads, dredging, reclamation, soil-layers, breakwaters and revetments, contaminations, …).
  Calculation of detailed areas and volumes to all kind of materials and levels.
  Optimizations (fast calculations after design-changes)
  Production of construction and situation drawings and profiles.
  Follow-up on site.

This is all done with design-software such as MX(ROAD), Civil3D, Autocad MAP, Autocad and MICROSTATION.

Our projects