Design of theoretic 3D-models in Civil3D and MXROAD.

- Georeferenced 3D-design
- Soil-layers for earthwork and dredging works
- Staging
- Land reclamation works
- Environmental 3D-design for contaminated materials
- Earthwork for construction pits
- 3D-modelling for breakwaters and revetment works with underlayers and transitions
- Iterative optimization of the dredging, reclamation or breakwater design
- Geometric road and railway design
- Infrastructure like park lots, pavement, biking trails
- Processing of topographic data
- Processing of bathymetric data

our services

services for various marine, civil and environmental projects


Design of theoretic 3D-models with Civil3D & MXROAD.


Calculations of reliable volumes, feasibility studies, optimizations and calculation of detailed areas and volumes to all kind of materials and levels.


Production of survey charts and difference charts. Production of construction and situation drawings and profiles. As-Built.

georeferenced engineering and intelligent digital terrain modelling for 3D-design